Watch: Impressive Trailer for Brazilian Sci-Fi Short Film 'Lunatique'

This looks like a cool little sci-fi short worth waiting for. There's a trailer going around for a Brazilian sci-fi / post-apocalyptic short film called Lunatique, and it's impressive for only 60 seconds. The short is directed by cinematographer-turned-filmmaker Gabriel Kalim Mucci, and it's set in a gritty, desolate, ash-covered world. The story is about one lonely woman struggling to survive in this world, but she looks quite badass, kind of almost like Ripley from Aliens. This has some excellent production design and solid VFX work, I'm anxious to see more from it, hopefully sooner than later. We'll be watching for the unveiling of the full short.

Here's the official trailer for Gabriel Kalim Mucci's short film Lunatique, on Vimeo (via ScreenAnarchy):

The brief description from Vimeo: Lunatique is a short science fiction film about a lonely woman who struggles daily for survival in a post apocalyptic world. Lunatique is both written and directed by Brazilian filmmaker Gabriel Kalim Mucci, who previously worked as a cinematographer on the other short film Akai previously. The film was produced by Timore AV / Zeppelin Filmes from São Paulo, Brazil. This trailer was uploaded just a week ago, so we're not sure when the full-length short will be available online, but we'll definitely keep you updated. In the meantime - to see more short films, click here. Thoughts on this so far?